Brittany Ann and Friends

Only 1 Day Old, November 1993

At 10 months
Merina (Brittany) Gordon playing the organ at 2.
Here she is at her second birthday party, held at Grandma Roberta and Grandpa Jack's, playing Grandma's organ.  She's still playing the organ.
Merry Christmas from Brittany Ann Brittany, Easter 2007
Brittany at 3 years, 1996 Christmas, 1997 Easter, 2007


Brittany Ann at Tumbleweed 2004

Brittany's Confirmation and First Communion pictures

About Brittany at the National American Miss Pageant

Some of Brittany's oil paintings

Brittany's Quinceanera Celebration, August 2009

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The recital at her piano teacher's studio prior 
Brittany Ann Gordon, piano adjudication, March 2007. These two pictures show Brittany Ann just before her piano adjudication in March, 2007.
Brittany Ann Gordon, piano adjudication, March 2007.
Here is our Brittany Ann, posing for us as she waits for the start of her voice recital, April 2007. Brittany Ann Gordon, Voice Recital, April, 2007

A Prissy Album

Prissy is out enjoying some of Pomeroy's Spring weather. She's posing in Zach's garden

Here is Prissy with her family.


Britt is always learning, even in the motor home


On the road, again

Here are Brit and her papa, parked in Desert Aire. Brittany is listening to papa read her a story.


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At 6 years old, Brittany was only knee high to a back-hoe.




     Here's Brittany Ann posing with the backhoe. She's a bit over 4 feet tall as this picture is taken in March 1999.




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